The last time I came to PyCon US. I had quite a good time during the development sprint and had a few of my PRs merged. (even though the one to CPython was later closed πŸ₯²) So yep, I think this might be a good idea to host a development sprint for commitizen-tools. πŸ‘€




Disclaimer: the doll has absolutely nothing to do with Python and commitizen-tools. It's just cute, and it might make it easier for people to find me πŸ˜†


It turns out that no one is interested in such a small project. πŸ₯² I met someone who said he wanted to take a look, but he left after lunch. I feel like I've already gotten used to it, or maybe I just should. Or I should just lead airflow next time πŸ₯²

Nonetheless, this sprint was quite intensive and productive for commitizen-tools. With @marcosdotme (who didn't even attend PyCon US) and I, we achieved the following results.

I also want to thank Yucheng for attempting to address UnicodeDecodeError when running cz bump #1110

The great thing is that I finally managed to triage all issues with the issue-status: needs-triage label! but... found out we still need to check issues filed before the labeling system was introduced.

Among all the PRs I worked on yesterday, fix: add description for subcommands #1120 was quite interesting. I didn't know that argparse changed the prompt of optional arguments from Optional Arguments to options since Python 3.10.

During the sprint, I shared commitizen-tools with Takanoryさん. Later, he introduced me to towncrier, a similar tool that I plan to explore further. We also had a great chat about Star Wars. 🌟 I was excited to share that I went to Rise of the Resistence on the very first day it opened. πŸš€

After the sprint, a couple of APAC folks went to this church restaurant. It was quite a pleasant dinner. Always love to hangout with Pythonistas πŸ˜„


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